: Configure a GbE interface on Nexus 5xx/55xx/56xx

When you insert a GLC-T module without any previous configuration, you are likely to get the error ” SFP Validation Failed”, even if using a compatible module. This is because not all ports are capable to “downgrade” their functional speed to 1GbE : you have to insert the SFP in an eligible port and configure it. Best practice is to configure the port’s speed setting before inserting the SFP module.

GLC-T is the generic SKU for a Gigabit Ethernet SFP.

  1. Set the port speed
int e1/1
speed 1000
  1. Insert the SFP in a 1/10GbE compatible port :

– for Nexus 5010 : ports 1 to 8,
– for Nexus 5020 : ports 1 to 16,
– for Nexus 5500/5600 : ports 1 to 32.

Note : On 5500/5600, when a port is configured with speed auto it will automatically select the right speed based on the inserted module.

A Cisco Nexus 5000 Series switch has a number of fixed 10-Gigabit ports, each equipped with SFP+ interface adapters. The Nexus 5010 switch has 20 fixed ports, the first eight of which are switchable 1-Gigabit/10-Gigabit ports. The Nexus 5020 switch has 40 fixed ports, the first 16 of which are switchable 1-Gigabit/10-Gigabit ports.
The 5596T switch has 48 base board ports and 3 GEM slots. The first 32 ports are 10GBase-T ports the last 16 ports are SFP+ ports. The 10GBase-T ports support a speed of 1-Gigabit, 10-Gigabit, or Auto. The Auto setting automatically negotiates with the link parser to select either 1-Gigabit or 10-Gigabit speed.

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