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On RSA keys for OCI API access🔑

Just don’t use the same RSA key over and over, between projects, tenants, users … In any form : api AuthN keys or ssh keys. Please. Just don’t. That being said, security principals needs to be easy to implement, with

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Designing your OCI Data Centre – Describe the purpose and context of each item with Tags – Part1

On the Tagging options Tagging is the act of putting labels on objects. There is 1:n relation, meaning one object can have many labels applied to it. Traditional systems that implement tags are usually backed with a “set” data structure:

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Principles for a clear and obvious Naming Convention

When (1)Naming, (2)Filing and (3)labeling are done right for your resources, we can assume that you have a well defined environment. The problem is to agree upon what *”done right”* is.

For (2)Filing and (3)labeling, your platform will generally propose you some tools to help. You still have to decide how you use them, but the feature’s design will probably suggest some pattern.

In OCI, there is Compartments & Tags👌and we will discuss about some ideas to make the best use of them later.

But for (1)naming, that’s up to you to decide about your strategy: cryptic IT naming convention can ruin all the benefits of a careful filling and labeling strategy ❌

Let’s talk about our naming practices in IT.

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OCI VCN Transit Routing Part 1 : Foundation for Hub-and-Spoke topologies in OCI

Update The 3rd use case exposed here (East/West traffic with “DRG Bouncing”) was not supported, and it is not possible anymore : For East/West traffic with VTR, you must insert a compute instance and route to the Private IP, ideally

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