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OCI VCN Transit Routing Part 1 : Foundation for Hub-and-Spoke topologies in OCI

The OCI “VCN Transit Routing” feature (VTR) introduced last November allows for advanced networking architectures, based on Hub-and-Spoke topology model. In this article, I will present : the hub-and-spoke architecture concepts, the difference between Hub-and-Spokes and full-mesh, advantages and trade-offs

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Working with Comware OS (HPE FlexFabric Switching) – Basics

TL;DR I recently got the opportunity to get my hands on a HPE 5700. This switch come from H3C assets and run the Comware OS. It is a bit disturbing to work with it when you are used to Cisco’s

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How.to : Configure a GbE interface on Nexus 5xx/55xx/56xx

When you insert a GLC-T module without any previous configuration, you are likely to get the error ” SFP Validation Failed”, even if using a compatible module. This is because not all ports are capable to “downgrade” their functional speed

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Configurer une interface en GbE sur Nexus 50xx/55xx/56xx

Configurer des ports GbE sur des switches Nexus 5K

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CLI memo #1 : creating a Vlan with Brocade NOS

Here is a quick memo of some CLI commands I use. Just a quick reminder for the few commands I may need on my daily operations. Today’s task is just creating a vlan on a Brocade network switchs, running NOS

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