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Crash Test – What happen when you loose L1&L2 on an UCSM Cluster?

L1 & L2, What’s it? The L1 & L2 links are dedicated physical ports (GbE) on UCS Fabric Interconnect platform, responsible of carrying the heartbeat traffic for the UCSM cluster. To be clear, both links are crucial to the survival of the cluster!

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Crash Test – Que se passe-t-il lorsque vous perdez L1&L2 sur un cluster UCSM?

L1 & L2, c’est quoi? Les liens L1 et L2 sont des ports physiques dédiés (GbE) sur les platefome UCS Fabric Interconnect, véhiculant le traffic de heartbeat de l’application en cluster UCSM. Autant dire qu’ils sont cruciaux à la survie

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How.to : Updating an UCS system – from FI to OS drivers

Update October 27th 2015 At the time writing this article, I mentioned my experience on upgrading from version 2.2(3a), and the unexpected reboots of “some” blades. It turns this bug have been identified and is fixed since 2.2(3g). I forgot to update this article as promised : thanks

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VMware don’t play nice with CoD. For now. Me neither …

No, I am not going to talk about Call of Duty. At least not today, not on this blog post, even maybe not during this life … 🙂 So what’s CoD and what the hell this have to do with

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